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New Album Release

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New Album Release

07 March 2010:

Greetings everyone,
Well, my tour has gotten off to a great start. I truly enjoyed the opening night at Whelan's followed by the Glor Centre last night. It's great to meet so many people each night who appreciate the music. Thank you for your continued interest!

New tour dates have been added and the complete (so far!) dates are on the TOUR/SCHEDULE page for March and April.

More dates will be added very soon. We'll let you know soon as further dates are confirmed. I've got many plans for the coming year and promise to keep you all updated. And of course, you can always check my website for further details.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

04 February 2009:

Greetings everyone and thank you for all your support and encouragement this past year. I must congratulate firstly my fellow banjoists Tony Trischka and Bela Fleck for their performance at President Obama's inauguration in Jan 09. I met Tony in Dublin in Dec 08 and he had a surprise for me, he was recording a track in Dublin with Hollywood actor Steve Martin. Steve has an album due out this year which will feature Mary Black singing one of his songs. We had a drink and a session in The Cobblestone pub in Dublin. I was really honoured to meet Steve Martin as he is a great bluegrass banjo player with a lovely touch on melodies.

I've just finished a Christmas tour with the Sharon Shannon Big Band also featuring Mundy and Shane McGowan. Shane was fantastic, a real legend of Irish music.
with BarneyLater in Sept at the Longford Banjo Festival I had the pleasure of working with our Irish banjo icon Barney McKenna. We did a workshop, and some of his tunes especially the old 1920s jazz songs are beautiful. He plays in such an inspiring way that all young players should try and listen to his music.
The TV programme Faoi Lan Cheoil, with me teaching Sunderland footballer Andy Reid was a great success. Andy came across great and showed he could really play the banjo, I thought the song with Gino and Four Men & a Dog was a highlight.

Exciting news for me is that all of my albums can be purchased from this website from March 09, even more exciting is I have a new CD ready for release. I enjoyed the studio so much last year I kept going since last Feb and have almost completed another album which will be entirely different from the next release. I thought about a double album but the material is vastly different on both so I'll let each cd have it's moment in the sun.
Keep an eye on the gig listing as I plan to do more live shows this year.

Regards to you all.

26 July 2008:

Hi everybody,

This year seems to be flying by so quickly. I started to record my new album a few months ago in Vicar St studios in Dublin. My engineer is Conor Brady, ace guitarist who played on the soundtrack for the movie The Commitments. I am also doing some tracks in Kinvara Co Galway at Brendan O'Regan's studio. I plan to release the CD at the Longford Banjo Festival in Sept 08. I am featuring more of the fiddle and mandolin this time around and I want to do a track with my family also with my dad on fiddle, my brother Mike on accordion, my sister Ann Maria on whistle and Fiach my son on bouzouki and bodhran. Hope you will like the final outcome.

4 Men in DhakaI have just returned from Bangladesh where 4 Men and a Dog did some concerts in Dhaka. We met some fantastic folk there and the culture was incredible to experience. It was a real buzz to go downtown in a rickshaw and take in all the activities of everyday life that people go through. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with smiling faces, despite the hardship and poverty of the people.

TG4 pupilsAll the teachers and pupils met up on the Ards Peninsula to do a final programme for TG4 last March, my pupil Andy Reid couldn't make it as he was playing for Sunderland. What a great buy Roy Keane made as Andy was a huge factor in the team staying in the Premiership. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the famous pupils partaking in the series including Jeremy Irons, John Creedon, Marie Jones and others. They will surprise you all with their performances on the TV.

I also did a few concerts with Damien Dempsey, his new album The Rocky Road was kept off the number 1 spot in the charts by Radiohead. Well done Damo the gigs were fab. 4 Men and a Dog do some gigs in Spain and Scotland this year which should be great so hope to see ye all there... and come up and say hello.

Eoin and Pauline WeddingCongrats to my friends (ex Ireland Boss) Eoin Hand and Pauline Doherty who recently wed, we all had a super day.

Take a look at the touring page for upcoming events.

Talk soon,

09 January 2008:

Hello everyone and thank you for your continued interest and support in my music and my website.
This past year 07 was one hectic time for me.
Geantrai recording in TipperaryIn December, I presented my first ever TV music programme in Irish for TG4 here in Ireland called Geantrai which was filmed in Newtown Co Tipperary.
Some of my guests included Tim O Brien from Nashville USA, Arty McGlynn, Eileen O Brien and local musicians. Watch out for an exciting series on TG4 autumn 08 which features famous people learning trad music. I'm privileged to be working with Andy Reid, Irish international football star. He has a keen interest in music, plays the guitar and sings really well, but I teach him how to play the banjo. We finish filming in January. In April, I'm off to Bangladesh to do some concerts with Kevin Doherty and Gino Lupari from 4 Men & a Dog. Looking forward to playing with local musicians also as I love eastern music.
The Transatlantic Sessions with Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas is released now and really worth a look. In February I start a new album, so wish me luck.

Best Wishes to all of you for 08,

19 April 2007:

Hello and thank you to everyone who visited this website since 2006. I'm overcome with the interest in the site and will continue to brief you all on what's happening this year. I hope that the players among you will find the new photos on the tech page helpful and I will add more in the coming weeks. I want to thank Tom Nechville of Nechville Musical Products for the beautiful banjo he made for me. It's a prototype with a couple of innovative elements that have to be seen.
As you have seen from the tour schedule, it's been a hectic start to 2007. In January, I met Bela Fleck in Glasgow, and we had a great few days of fun and music. The Willie Nelson tour with Sharon Shannon was mighty too. In February, I met up with Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham, and Jerry Douglas for the BBC programme Transatlantic Sessions recorded in Scotland, so expect that on TV later this year.
Four Men and a Dog are starting this year's festival circuit in Europe also, so keep an eye on the tour page for dates. I'm starting another album shortly and I'm demoing tracks in my home studio any chance I get. I will be doing a couple of Irish festivals this year, so I'll keep you posted on those events. In the meantime, enjoy your music and don't get too hung up about the technical side of things, that will come, trust me.

Kind Regards,

01 July 2006:

April was a busy month for Gerry touring with Frances Black and The Sharon Shannon Big Band all around Ireland. In May, he took part in a memorial concert for the late John Breen and a reunion of the legendary Wild Geese. You can see new stage & backstage shots on the PHOTOS page. In July, he will perform at the Galway Arts Festival, and August, he will be on stage with Four Men and a Dog. Check the dates on the TOUR/SCHEDULE page.

17 May 2006:

It's been a hectic month of April for me between touring with Frances Black and the Sharon Shannon Big Band all around Ireland. Two completely contrasting styles of music and instrumentation. I play fiddle and mandolin with Frances and her songs are sensitive and for the most part laid back which requires a lot of discipline. She is great with an audience, the way she talks to them and describes each song especially the ones she got from her late mother who had a fantastic repertoire of rare songs.

The Sharon Shannon Big Band was quite exhausting because it was more rock and roll with a big sound and most of the tunes were explosive and Sharon is such a great player one is swept along on a wave of enthusiasm. She's inspirational to play with but after each gig we were all out of breath. The dressing rooms were great fun and a real team spirit was evident, all for one and one for all. The sound checks were arduous for the Sharon gigs because we had over ten musicians to sound check and the guests Mundy and Roesy brought a different dimension to the set with their great songs. They are great songwriters and performers.
Jon Kenny our MC and comedian was hilarious and his energy has no bounds. I love his sense of humour. The highlights for me was Dessie O Halloran, the reaction from the females to him was akin to what Westlife must get at their concerts and I must point out that even Tom Jones has not had as many knickers thrown at him from what I saw. He was so cool about it all and a great man for stories about music and sessions he took part in over the years, a lovely man.
Sharon's sister Mary who was heavily pregnant played the Galway Radisson concert with us and she has since had a baby girl. Congrats, Mary.
A lot of famous artists attended some of the gigs notably Paul Brady, fiddler Frankie Gavin, comedian Pat Short and too many more to mention.

On Sunday 14 May, I played at Vicar St in a special memorial concert for the late John Breen who gave a lot to Irish music as a promoter and organizer of music events during his life. Musicians like Liam O Maonlai, Scullion, Seamus Begley, Triona Ni Dhomnaill took part to a packed house, it was a great night and a fitting tribute.

Sherkin Island 5 - 7 June saw a reunion of the legendary Wild Geese a band I used play with in the 80s. We hadn't seen each other for years but we had a great weekend of music and sound at the Sherkin festival. Hello to Norman, Peadar, Mick, Tony, Eoin Tommy.....

02 April 2006:

After the successful St. Patrick's Day concert at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Gerry is currently playing with Frances Black to promote her new album This Love Will Carry. In April he will be on the road with Sharon Shannon's Big Band. You can see what's happening in the coming weeks here on this page, and tour dates and venues on the TOUR/SCHEDULE page.

13 February 2006:

Hello everybody and welcome to the Gerry O'Connor website.
Throughout the year I will provide information and news on various events, concerts and projects that I'm involved in. I hope you will enjoy the photo page with some interesting family and backstage snaps from various concerts. I will give some technical specs for the musicians among you and I'll also be giving some hints and tips that some of the young musicians might find helpful.

Six years ago I started my company Myriad Media to provide entertainment for the private and corporate sector here in Ireland. Our main clients are Jameson Whiskey and Ovation Event group. I have devoted most of my time to this and it has been very successful for me, and this explains the delay in following up the Myriad album of 1998. Also during this time I was involved with the band Four Men and a Dog, and we released our fifth album Maybe Tonight.

In 2004 I worked on Chris Rea's album Stoney Road, which went platinum in Europe. It was a fantastic experience to work with such a great artist who has sold over 20 million albums. His songs include Road to Hell and Driving Home for Christmas. I also played on his latest release Blue Guitar which is an epic history of the blues in cd and book format. That year I met the legendary banjo ikon Earl Scruggs at the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in Longford.

In 2005 I released No Place Like Home and it was voted trad/folk album of the year by Irish Times critic Siobhan Long, thank you Siobhan. I did a lot of radio and tv, notably The Late Late Show and Phil Coulter's Christmas Special. In February '05 I did my first Irish tour in over 6 years and met loads of great people, and my sincere thanks to you all for making my album such a success.
One of the highlights was meeting and performing with Bela Fleck at the banjo festival in Longford. What a great musician and arranger he is. We did a couple of Irish tunes, Banish Misfortune and The Maid behind the Bar, ironically two of Johnny Keenan's favourite tunes.
Towards the end of '05 I got a call from The Dubliners to stand in for Irish banjo legend Barney McKenna for a European tour. Barney was ill at the time and he personally requested that I do the tour. It was great crack and I'm glad to report that Barney is back to his witty self again thank God, and playing better than ever. So this year which I thought would be nice and easy has started off with a bang.

I'm currently playing with Frances Black to promote her new album This Love Will Carry and you can catch us nationwide, it's mostly fiddle and mandolin I'm using for this tour. In February I'm doing a few Irish dates myself with the trio which includes Brendan O Regan on bouzouki and Tony Byrne on guitar. You can see dates and venues posted on the gig page. In April I'm on the road with Sharon Shannon's Big Band which promises to be a hoot altogether and celebrates Sharon's 15 years success in Irish music. We will perform at venues around the country and I hope to see you all there. On St Patrick's Day 17th March, you can see me on the outdoor stage at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. That's enough for now to be getting on with, so I'll keep you all in touch with what's happening in the coming weeks.

Bye for now,
Slan go foil.
Gerry O'Connor

20 April 2005:

Gerry has just recorded songs with Chris Rea of Road to Hell fame for a new series of albums tracing the history of the blues which will be accompanied with a book on the subject. Release date is set for the Autumn 05. There will be a launch ini London to highlight the work which may include impromtu session with Rea and the musicians featured on the album. (Gerry also worked on Chris Rea's last album Stoney Road which went Gold in England and has sold over 350'000 copies so far)

Shay Healy's new play The Wire Men depicting Ireland at the onset of electricity in the early 20th century is set to make its debut the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin on May04. The soundtrack features Gerry on Banjo and fiddle.

Also watch out for another new musical by Alister McGuickan where the theme song features Ronnie Drew and Gerry creating an auld Dublin sound that'll take you back to the 60's....real nostalgia here!

See Gerry with Four Men and a Dog at the Fiddle Fest Baltimore Co Cork Sun May 14.

There are a few gigs coming up in the summer which we will post as soon as confirmed.



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